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CPA Partnering - IT Controls

We put IT

in the AudIT!™

Our IT general controls testing gives you a basis for reliance on the systems and helps you communicate system control deficiencies to your clients with confidence.

The criticality of IT controls in the production of the financial statement data continues to increase.  Most companies expect to have IT general controls tested as a part of their financial audit.  The basis for an auditor's reliance on the systems that produce the financials should be well documented and in accordance with current auditing standards. TFS partners with CPA firms that do not have the resources and/or expertise to perform testing on these controls within the systems.   


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Why not close the door on your competitor? 

TFS works along side your CPA firm so that your clients are served, leaving no need for your client to reach out to one of your competitors for technical services that you don't offer.  Let's not give your competitor an opportunity to get their foot in the door.  In addition to working with your team on the financial statement audit, TFS can bring all of our experience, depth and resources to meet other needs of your clients but as a "friend of the firm".

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