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Log & Event Monitoring 

We put IT in Data SecurITy!™

Log & event monitoring uses specialized software to take data from distributed systems in varying formats, normalizes data logs in one location, and generates meaningful statistics as well as  real-time alerts. 

The multitude of distributed systems, applications, and networks in your infrastructure all capture data. This information is useless if you can't effectively review and analyze it.  TFS not only provides real-time alerts and log analysis, we also deliver interactive data visualization and built-in knowledge that automatically collects, normalizes, and interprets logs from a variety of devices and applications. With this event management knowledge you can immediately be alerted, spot events that are of interest, and take immediate action.  

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TFS provides real-time notification via email for suspect events to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule Mandates. 

Correlating millions of events from your network, systems, applications, virtual machines, and storage infrastructure can be unmanageable… unless you have a Log & Event Manager at your fingertips. TFS utilizes industry leading software, with nearly 700 built-in correlation rules, to customize what data is gathered as well as what alert thresholds are put in place.

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