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We put IT in Data SecurITy!™

Penetration testing is an authorized simulated attack on systems to identify weaknesses that need to be addressed in order to continue to improve your data security program.

Penetration testing (also called pen testing) is the practice of testing a computer system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. A penetration test is designed to reveal vulnerabilities in your network so that the risks they pose can be mitigated.

These client-authorized simulated attacks focus on identifying a client's known and potential vulnerabilities within their network and attempt to collect information and/or gain access to systems and data. 

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Pen testing enhances established security measures as you continue to secure your data.

TFS' penetration testing will provide a test of effectiveness of your information security policy and procedures by testing, measuring and enhancing established security measures on information systems and support areas.  TFS utilizes specialized  software and designs custom tests based on your needs.

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