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Email Vulnerabilities in Healthcare

Email credentials are highly valuable to cybercriminals. A compromised email account can be plundered to obtain highly sensitive data and an email account can be used to gain access to healthcare networks.

The Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) indicates that 63% of confirmed data breaches stem from weak, default or stolen passwords – clearly pointing to compromised email accounts and errors as a high-level corporate challenge. The most frustrating aspect of this challenge historically has been that there’s no way to quantify many of these email-based PHI security exposures until it’s too late.

To add greater visibility to this issue, Evolve IP partnered with ID Agent on a research project to quantify the healthcare related vulnerabilities in the Dark Web. The eye-opening results indicate that more than 68% of healthcare covered entities and business associates have compromised email accounts that threaten PHI security.

  • The potential for monetary loss is significant

  • Controlling human behavior is the underlying challenge

  • The need for data backups and disaster recovery is clear

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