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Risk Assessment


We put IT in Data SecurITy!™

HIPAA Security Risk Assessment:

TFS has a collaborative approach to our HIPAA Security Assessment.  Our approach was built to become an integral part of your ongoing security risk management program. 

TFS has specifically designed our HIPAA Security Risk Assessment to be a complete assessment as detailed in the HIPAA Security Rule.  It is important for a Covered Entity and Business Associate to know if the security plans and procedures it implements continue to adequately protect its EPHI. To accomplish this, these entities must implement ongoing monitoring and evaluation plans. They must periodically evaluate their strategy and systems to ensure that the security requirements continue to meet their organizations’ operating environments.

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Security Risk Assessment:

Data breaches hit record high, increasing 40% over last year! How strong is your defense when it comes to your clients' data?   

Breaches can result in heavy fines, lawsuits and loss of client trust. In and of themselves, breaches create a tremendous administrative workload. Though nothing can guarantee a breach will not occur, having a strong security program will reduce the likelihood.  


As the risk of data breaches has risen dramatically, more companies are looking for increased measures to reduce these risks.  TFS works with your organization to perform a detailed security risk assessment covering over 50 controls along with vulnerability scanning.  Our team works to identify real solutions that are reasonable for your size and type of business to help you move toward a more comprehensive data security risk management program. 

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