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Email Phishing Simulation & Training 

We put IT in Data SecurITy!™

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TFS utilizes leading software to deploy and track a distinct simulated phishing email to your users and launch integrated web-based security awareness training. 

These phishing simulation emails are produced monthly to test whether users click on what would be malicious links.  TFS tests user security awareness by tempting individuals to perform simulated malicious actions or provide sensitive information over email. (No malicious actions are actually committed and no user information entered is retained by the phishing system.) The content used in these scenarios ranges from generic, spam-like messages to client-specific emails that are designed to appear to originate from internal users, third-party service providers, or customers.

Integrated training

enabling you to  condition and measure your front line of defense, your people.  This will ultimately reduce the risk of phishing attempts.

TFS provides monthly reports on the users’ actions including open, click, and data entry at a summary level as well as in detail at the user level.  The integrated training modules are customizable and bring your users to a better understanding regarding the forces that are coming against the data they work with and maintain.

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